BT/S Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump
Concise and practical,with reversible direction,
start/stop,full speed(cleaning),adjustable speed basic fuction.
BT/L Flow Type
Peristaltic Pump
Flow display, control flow rate ,liquid volume accumulate. Suitable for precision flow rate transmission.
BT/F Dispensing type peristaltic pump.Suitable for all kinds of complicated liquid quantitative distribution,precision metering and dosing,and can realize high precision flow transmission.
BQ/S Micromteror Peristaltic PumpEconomical and practical, adopts embedded design, narrow space perfect choice. Users can be easily embedded other equipments.
WG/S Large Flow Peristaltic pump Industrial intelligent peristaltic pump is suitable for industrial site accurate mass flow transmission
and split charging liquid. One channel maximum flow rate is 13L/min
syringe Pump
Adopt fashion design,4.3inch LCD display and touch screen operation. Convenient and quick setup parameters. (upcoming)
Batch Transferring Pump
This type is suitable for large flow transmission
,can support ≤35L/min flow range. AC motor dirve, frequency conversion adjusting speed. (upcoming)
Filling System
Four channels dispensing system is suitable for various fluid; volume range: 0.5-500 mL; four filling channels can work at the same time. Each channel will stop working when lack of the bottle. Color LCD touch screen with intuitive and clear displaying interface, easy to operate.
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